Tea party for peat

A few weeks ago, I was invited by Rach Allan to join her 40 for Tea podcast, showcasing women working on topics that inspire her. She’d remembered conversations we’d had in the past about peat and the importance of soils, and so invited me along to her podcast kingdom to have a chat about these topics over tea. Here is the episode. And below is the introduction Rach wrote to advertise it on LinkedIn


Do you remember I talked about feeling overwhelmed?
With the Climate conversation
And everything else.

I had started drinking tea
To get to a different kind of truth of the matter.
Talking to people
rather than
Be bamboozled by all the digital noise.

I promised to share what I found out,
whilst having tea,
with incredible humans across the globe.
Simple moments.

This season has been with Powerhouse Women.
Normal women,
Overcoming adversity
Who are upto stuff.
Warrior women.

So here’s Dr Lydia Cole talking about Peatlands straight out of #cop26https://lnkd.in/dmUNMZnN

Consider it a beginners guide & an experts guide.
Why Peatlands are SO important to our survival on this planet.
An invitation to listen while making a nice cup of tea.

Learn something new about this incredible planet
What we CAN do.
There’s some key tools & signposts you can use in the shownotes.

Then the guardian did an article on peatlands too: https://lnkd.in/dqmZpAav

#40fortea is a side hustle.
Exploring voices & perspectives on being human in this new decade.
Its an evolving journey.
Who do you think I should have a cuppa with next?



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