getting muddy

Here, I’ll try to add links to more information on some of the issues I’ve off-loaded about, and ways you can get involved in influencing things if the subject has inspired you. Every little definitely counts.

More info on….

  • Action for Conservation, which is looking for young conservation professionals (of all breeds) to help it in its aim of connecting secondary school students with the natural environment, and inspiring them to become conservationists – a hugely important organisation
  • Rewilding Britain and one particular project that aims to rewild Sussex, Wild4Good, that an inspiring friend of mine, Dr Claudia Gray, set up a few years ago with some other enthusiasts and students in Brighton
  • The make-London-a-National-Park-City campaign, which is set to achieve its aim of making London the world’s first #NationalParkCity in 2019 – really feasible and really exciting
  • The words and wonders of nature through the work of Rob Macfarlane – who posts a nature/community-related word of the day and writes pieces of wisdom for The Guardian, in addition to his collection of beautiful books
  • Found a bizarre plant growing in your local park? Got a black-with-red-spots ladybird climbing up your wall? Or accidentally just stepped on a beautiful moth….and would like to know what species it is? Take a photo and post it on iSpot, and someone somewhere will magically tell you what it is before the bats leave their roosts – long live taxonomists!
  • Global forest changes can be tracked using this quite amazing tool developed by the World Resources InstituteGlobal Forest Watch; as technology advances, more and more projects like this are developing and improving our ability to figure out where local to global-level change is happening and how we can mitigate it, or adapt
  • Global Canopy Programme has recently released their Forest 500 project, reporting the “powerbrokers of zero deforestation”, i.e. the institutions, from Governments to private entities, that have the power to greatly change rates of deforestation across the world – one of the many tools now available that give consumers the ability to influence deforestation rates also
  • Here’s another one, especially useful if you live in Australia and eat anything: the POI Palm Oil Barcode Scanner 
  • If you don’t live in Australia, check out the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) Trademark App for android or iPhone
  • And the fantastic, “radically inclusive”, free and FUN Project Awesome (or here, if you’d prefer to stay away from the guileful Zuckerberg empire)….and if you live in Liverpool, I am proud to say I co-founded Project Awesome Liverpool!