The ‘Two Peaks & One Carpark’ Challenge

05:00*: Crossed London

06:00: Drove to Harwell, Oxfordshire

07:00: Boarded the mini-bus with 9 colleagues & left for Ben Nevis

17:00: Arrived at Ben Nevis

20:00: Summitted the mountain, had a snack + a selfie

21:00: Boss had a tumble onto his face

23:00: Reached the bottom

23:30: Decamped to A&E

07:00: Arrived in the carpark in Warrington (see panographic evidence below)

07:00 – 09:00: Hung-out in the carpark in Warrington

09:00: Left the carpark in Warrington

13:00: Arrived at Snowdon (I think – we were in the clouds) & started the ascent, brave Boss in tow

16:34: Saw some of Snowdon when clouds momentarily cleared

17:12: Found a pub at the finish line/made the pub our finish line

17:13: Toasted with cider and welsh cakes

24:00: FAST asleep

Despite the unexpected stint in the carpark (possibly the most challenging part of the 24 hours), it was a very fun adventure with my work mates.  Ben Nevis was completely stunning, with a beautiful sunset on a balmy, near-solstice evening.  I can only imagine Snowdon was stunning.  And to Scafell, we’ll see you next time.  Well done, Boss, for remaining our courageous leader throughout.

Ben Nevis, in all of his glory.


Pano of Warrington Carpark.

And Snowdon.

I would recommend visiting each beautiful mountain at a more leisurely pace, for full enjoyment; as there is much to be enjoyed on each.  Though I am very grateful for my Two Peaks and a Carpark experience of lifetime!

(*Timings are approximate.)