Skis & steps

A few pictures from a magical four days in a field research station at Finse, the location of the highest railway station in Norway, with no access road in winter.  We cross-country skiied (I’ve never fallen over skiing so much!) – to the field station, which was 70% under snow, during our lunch breaks and after work.  Then we got in the sauna.  Then we saw the Northern Lights.  In between times, we pondered over how to measure resilience in different kinds of ecosystems across the world.  And from this meeting, EcoRe3 was born.  After we’d come down from the hills, I took a day to hike in the hills surrounding Bergen.  The sun was shining and it was completely stunning.  So stunning, and I was enjoying the hills so much that I decided to accept my friend’s challenge of running up the 722 steps of Stoltzekleiven.  I’ve never been so out of breath.  Coming down, I heard people panting before I saw them!  Definitely worth it for the view at the top.  I love Norway.