Mount Trus Madi

I spent about 24 hours climbing Mount Trus Madi, a 2,642m ‘mountain’ in Sabah, northern Borneo, with a special friend.  We summitted in complete cloud and rain….


A stunning sunrise at the summit, or something like that.

Thank goodness really, as the drop-offs on either side of the trail were precipitous; as I found out on the way down when the clouds cleared….

But it was more than some wobbly-leg moments, climbing through a gnarly, moss-covered underground, with the Nepenthes trusmadiensis hanging everywhere, and these views….


Mount Kinabalu standing tall in the distance.

I got pretty emotional looking down on the beautiful, continuous tropical rainforest stretching out into the distance; such a sight I’ve never seen before.  And may not see for much longer.  It seems that this magical forest is no longer as protected as we, and its conservors thought.