beyond the bog*

At the risk of blog-page overload, this one is for me to record extra-bogular activities: my running, cycling, tumbling, sowing and sketching adventures.

*I would run in bogs if they were less like water-beds with holes in.

Here are some of my sketches and creations.

And the incomplete but expanding list of adventures:

With a successful attempt at 16(+) challenges (of varying sort) for 2016:

  1. Poi on Primrose Hill, on January 8th at 6:15am
  2. Scorchio swim #1, on January 23rd, before a lakeside picnic
  3. Cosy camp-out #1, on January 29th, half-way up the Ditchling Beacon
  4. Soggy cycle #1, on 13th and 14th Febuary, to Truleigh Hill, via the Ditchling Beacon and Brighton, and back again
  5. Muddy run #1, on 21st February, along the New River in London Town
  6. Six sisters do the Seven Sisters (coastal ultra series #1), on 28th February, running from Eastbourne to Brighton
  7. Crooked camp-out #2, on Friday 18th March, in the New Forest
  8. Forest run #2, on Sunday 20th March, around the New Forest
  9. Scorchio swim #2, on Sunday 3rd April, in the beautiful Cam
  10. Skis & steps, on 11th to 17th April, at Finse and Bergen in Norway
  11. Sun bathing(!) in the Brecon Beacons, on 13th to 16th May, Gales
  12. Sunny cycle #1, on 29th May, on the Isle of Wight
  13. Urban Ninja, on 4th June, in Kennington Park, London Town
  14. Two Peaks & One Carpark Challenge, on 6th to 7th June, @ Ben Nevis, Fort William A&E and Snowdon
  15. The Highlands, on 18th to 24th July
  16. Sunny cycle #2, on 16th July, to Cambridge for lunch
  17. Sunny cycle #3, on 31st July, in the London-Surrey 100
  18. Mount Trus Madi, on 22nd August, in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo
  19. Sixteen Bridges, on 24th September, in London
  20. Yestival campout, on 21st to 23rd October, in a field at the great agricultural college of Brinsbury
  21. Coastal ultra series #2, on 29th to 30th October, from Axminster to Weymouth
  22. Winter surf & turf, on 11th to 13th November, in Bigbury-on-Sea, Devon
  23. Fan-y-Big wild camp & wander, on 30th to 31st December, in Brecon Beacons

2016 boasted a wonderful set of adventures in some fantastic places.  I organised 13 out of the 23, with friends, new and old, and colleagues, organising the rest.  A pretty magical year.  A very lucky girl!  When it comes to adventures, and indeed anything important in life, wait but why.