Curriculum Vitae

My CV.

….with some semi-randomly selected highlights below!

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….plus a few in the pipeline.

Aug’ 2017               2017 Female World Champion of Mountain Bike Bog Snorkelling, Llanwrtyd Wells, Wales

2016 – on               Coordinator of Expert Group, Peatlands and Biodiversity, under Commission 2: Peatlands and Environment of the International Peatland Society

2016 – on                Writing for The Conversation, The Applied Ecologist’s Blog twice, Kew Science, Soapbox Science

Nov’ ‘16, Mar’ ‘17  Invited speaker at UCL, London and The Open University, Milton Keynes

Sep’ 16 – on           Presented & led discussions on tropical forest conservation & commodities consumption at Minstead Study Centre, Hampshire

May ‘15 – Feb ‘18  Project Manager at Rezatec for the M3i Demonstration Project Tropical Conservation Pilot, funded by the European Space Agency (ESA), and for the development of a Peatland Management Tool for Scottish Water, funded by the UK Space Agency

June 2016 – on        Core Team Volunteer at Action for Conservation

Nov’ 2014                Volunteer Advisor in strategy and management for Tanzania Association of Environmental Engineers, Dar es Salaam and across Tanzania

Apr’ – Jul’ 2007      Environmental Education Teacher at Minstead Study Centre

Feb’ – Jul’ 2003      Volunteer for Restless Development, in southern Tanzania

ACADEMIC EXPERIENCEUniversity of Oxford (unless specified)
Jan’ 2019 – Jan’ 2021       Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of St Andrews, working on a Leverhulme Trust funded project: Valuing intact tropical peatlands – An interdisciplinary challenge

Feb’ 2018 – Dec’ 2018       Research Assistant at the University of Liverpool, working on the Condatis project: Decision support for restoring ecological networks in rapidly developing, biodiverse countries

Jan’ – Jul’ 2013        Post Doctoral Researcher for Professor Kathy Willis, Biodiversity Institute and Plant Sciences Department

Jan’ – May 2013      Research Assistant to Professor Sandra Díaz, Environmental Change Institute

Dec’ 2012 – 2015    Assistant College Tutor, St Hugh’s College 

Oct’ 2012 – 2013    Stipendiary Lecturer in Biological Sciences & Graduate Advisor to two DPhil students

2013, 2012             Undergraduate Tutor for First, Second and Third Year Biological Sciences students, Zoology; Guest Lecturer on the Masters programme in Biodiversity, Conservation & Management, School of Geography and the Environment

2008 – 2012            Natural Environmental Research Council (NERC) funded DPhil (PhD) entitled: Disturbance, Recovery & Resilience in Tropical Forests: A Focus on the Coastal Peat Swamp Forests of Malaysian Borneo

2007 – 2008            MSc with Distinction in Biodiversity, Conservation and Management

2003 – 2006            University of Cambridge – BA in Natural Sciences awarded 1st Class

201615th International Peat Congress, Sarawak, Malaysia – Flaming Peat: Synergistic Effects of Fire and Forest Clearance on Tropical Peat Swamp Forest, and Long-term disturbance dynamics and resilience of tropical peat swamp forests

2015 – PAGES C-PEAT Workshop, Columbia University, USA – Long-term disturbance dynamics and resilience of tropical peat swamp forests

2014, 2017 – IUCN UK Peatland Programme Conference, Inverness & Edale, UK – Peat Spotter: Mapping, Measuring and Monitoring Peatland Assets

2013 – Biodiversity Institute Symposium, University of Oxford, UK – Measuring recovery rates and resilience in tropical forests with fossil pollen

INTECOL 2013, London, UK – Flaming peat: synergistic effects of fire, climatic drying and forest clearance on tropical peat swamp forests, & An investigation into the resilience of tropical peat swamp forests in the face of agricultural expansion


More info on Awards, Fieldwork Experience, Management Reports, Professional Affiliation and Membership, Outreach Experience & my Research and Language Skills is in the CV.